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About the owner: Meet the Team
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CEO, Owner, Manager, Producer, Agent

I started my career in the a cappella industry when I worked as an assistant at The Real Group Festival in 2012. I later on continued working as an intern and project assistant while finishing my university education in 'Experience production' at Luleå University in 2013. I worked full time as a manager for The Real Group between 2014 and 2018.

I've always enjoyed singing myself and I come from a very musical family. I however feel more comfortable off stage nowadays, but I have the experience of being a singer on stage in several performances. I started singing at a very young age in my local music school and in school choirs in Värnamo, Sweden. I was always a member of the school choir growing up. 

I have the experience of working with world class international 

a cappella groups, professional singers and musicians from around the world. 

In 1997 I toured the world with Up With People where I was a lead soloist and shared the stage with 150 people from 24 different countries. During our travels through North America and Europe we also did community service and stayed with 60 host families during one year. A memorable moment from the year was performing on the steps in front of the St Peter's Church in Rome, singing a song in Polish, while Pope John Paul II was present.

I'm curious and I love voices. I think singing can create peace on earth. Just imagine if all world leaders had choir practice once a week. Or if they started every meeting with singing...? 

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