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Helena started the company, (Helena Roos Management and Production AB), in 2013 and she has worked mainly with vocal group management and concert production.

The company is and has always been based in Sweden.

After the pandemic Helena decided to partner with Ing-Mari Sandström and together they are the owners of

HI Support and Production AB. HI stands both for their initials; for high quality, and HI as in "Hello, we'd love to help"!


Helena has worked as an international manager and concert producer since 2013. She has produced several concerts in different venues in Sweden for Swedish and International artists and she has also worked with tour management and tour planning world wide. 

In 2019 she started collaborating with National Concerts in New York City. Assisting in creating wonderful performances with talented choirs and orchestras in venues like Carnegie Hall.

More about Ing-Mari is coming soon!

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